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What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a non invasive, holistic therapy that is based on the theory that there are reflexes found in the foot, hand and ear that correspond to each and every part, organ, and gland of the body. By accessing these reflexes with pressure Reflexology can relieve tension, improve circulation and assist the body in its return to homeostasis or balance.  

Proper application of pressure to the reflexes will encourage the body to heal itself. Reflexology has the ability to gently heal the whole body without any adverse side effects.

Reflexology Can...

RELIEVE your symptoms of pain, discomfort, stress, and anxiety related to illness, disease or injury.  

RESTORE your body to its best self. Balancing and clearing energy pathways to boost the immune system, nourish the nervous system, and detoxify the body as a whole.  

REVIVE your energy, your spirit, and your well being. 

RAC Certified Reflexology Therapist

Reflexology with Reese is a Winnipeg based business owned and operated by Sherisse Ristock, a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT). Sherisse found her passion for helping others years ago and has held a multitude of jobs that allowed her to follow this desire. It was when she learned of Reflexology and the power of its potential that drove her to complete not only her Foot Reflexology Certification but to continue in her pursuit by taking Advanced Meridians teaching, Ear and Yin Yang  Reflexology, as well as Gua Sha Training. She plans to continue in her  learning and education to best aid her clients in their healing journey. It is a true passion to help and heal others.  

Our Services

Reflexology: Foot, Ear, Yin Yang - $50

 Reflexology is a holistic and  non-invasive practice of using skilled pressure and placement on various  points of the body to aid healing. It is believed that the body can be  mapped through the feet, hands and ears and that energy is moved through  Meridians (pathways), throughout the body. A Reflexologist will utilize  this knowledge and access these points to promote the body's natural  healing abilities and encourage the body's return to homeostasis  (balance). This allows us to relieve tension and pain, to restore your  energy and health, and to revive ones mind and being.  

Reflexology can help all ages; mind, body and spirit. It will ease and assist with: 


Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Muscle & Joint Problems

Allergy, Sinus, Respiratory & Skin Problems

Fatigue & Insomnia

Digestive Issues



Hormone Imbalance

Reproductive Issues


Treatment duration is approximately 45 mins. 

Gua Sha (Scraping) - $35

“Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧; pinyin: guā shā), literally "to scrape away fever" in Chinese (more loosely, "to scrape     away disease by allowing the disease to escape as sandy-looking objects through the skin").”

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique used to aid in releasing     toxins from the body with the use of a smoothed tool. By scraping the surface of the skin we encourage the pores to open, stimulating the nerve endings, and in turn increasing blood flow in order to normalize the body’s functions by bringing the toxins and     congestion to the surface in order to flush them out of the lymphatic     system.

The visual result is red dots on the skin, similar in appearance to  bruising but only lasting 2-4 days in appearance as they are the result of released congestion, not broken capillaries.

This is a powerful and painless practice that can quickly relieve  symptoms of disease, illness or infection. Gua Sha is best known to aid sore muscles and symptoms of the common cold and flu. 

Treatment duration is approximately 30 mins.

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